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.•>£••>                                                     THE OBIOIN  OF  BALADEVA.
with die addition ci t'~o a::as b rli? rupee for the work ; unless it is exception-
ally well finishedj ^hen a sosiev/ntit higher rate is demanded.
Some six miles be vend 3Iaha-ban, a little to the right of the high road lead-
in o- to SaMabad and JaLe?ar, is :::e famous temple of Baladeva, in the centre of
a modem town with a population of 2,£35, which also Bears the same name.
The original Tillage was called Rirha, and still exists, but only as a mean suburb
occupied by the labouring classes.    Adjoining the temple is a brick-built tank,
above 80 yards square, called variously Kshir Sagar, the ' sea of milk/ or Kshir
Kand, or Balbliadra Kucd.    It is in a dilapidated condition, and the surface of
the -water is always covered with a repulsive thick green scum, which, however,
does not deter the pilgrims either from drinking or bathing in it.    Here it is
said that Gosain Gokainath was warned in a vision that a god lay concealed.
Immediate search was made, and the statue of Baladeva,, that has ever since
been regarded as the tutelary divinity of the place., was revealed to the adoring
gaze of the assembled multitude.   Attempts were made to remove it to Gokd ;
bo; as everv cart broke down, either from the weight of the stone3 or the reluc-
tance of the God to change his abode? a slirine was erected for his reception on
the spot3 and an Ahivasi of Bhartiya, by name Kalyan, constituted guardian.
From Ms two sons^ Jamuna Das and Musiya, or Snkadeva,, are descended the
whole horde of Pandas, who now find the God a very valuable property.    They
have acquired, by purchase from the Jats, the old village of Blrha,t and are
also considerable landowners in sis other villages—mz.} Artoni, ^"era? ChhibaraSj
Kharaira, Niir-piir and Sliahab-purj whence they derive an anntfel income of
Bs. 3,853.   This estate^ which was for the most part a grant from Sindhia,
forms, however, bat a small part of their wealth, as the offerings made at the
slirine in the course of the year are estimated to yield a net profit of Es. 30,000
more.   The Ksliir-Sagar aad all the fees paid by pilgrims bathing in it "belong
not to the temple Pandas5 but to a community of Sanadli Brahmans.
The temple^ despite its popularity^ is neither handsome nor well appointed.
Its precincts Include as many as eleven cloistered quadrangles., where accom-
* The latter name represents the common pronunciation, which (as in all similar words) has
become corrupted by the practice of writing in Persian characters, which, arc inadequate to
expreag the twi termination,
| Beside* the entire nuniadftri, the Pandas hold also S55| bighas in Rirha as muafidara. Of
this &re% 79 bighu are occupied by buildings^ while the remainder Is elifaeivwaste or orchard.
A® the townatilp bu no arable kaii attedirf to it, the name Balarlera does not appear at all in
the distrieSi rent-roll.